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Hairdressing is much more than being able to pick up a pair of scissors. You will need to develop lots of different practical skills such as styling, colouring and perming to produce an individual hairstyle for your clients, making them to return to you again and again.

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There is always a reason why everything is carried out in certain ways in hairdressing, known as the theory ‘side of hairdressing.

We will train you in simple practical terms what you will need to know how to become a good, competent hairdresser, as can be seen from the Syllabus Summary.


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We will teach you that the most important person in the salon is the client as your salon cannot exist without the client. Clients want to look good and feel good from the professional hairdressing services offered and making them feel relaxed in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Part of the training is centred around good communication skills.